Site Construction

We help you create a site that is automated, efficient and accurate. We use a host of data science tools to speed this process and use learning algorithms to improve after each deployment.


Our analytics are based on 30 years of energy engineering experience, and are available, for the first time, directly to you. These analytics are the heart of our BuildingFit software, which will ultimately drive the most useful data for you.

Custom Programming

We specialize in Fantom and Axon custom programming. Whether you are interested in custom SkySpark® rules, calculations, views or apps, leverage our experience to make SkySpark® work for you. We also provide SkySpark® hosting solutions.

SkySpark® Apps

We have created several applications to connect to data, create sites efficiently and leverage new tools. Our apps can be purchased and downloaded at We are also a Project Haystack Associate Member.


Reports and Key Performance Indicators track progress and communicate action items. In addition, we create detailed technical reports to distill massive analytical results into actionable chunks.


We use SkySpark® daily. We train ourselves, we train our clients and we educate the public. We are SkyFoundry certified for the three-day SkySpark Essentials training. Contact us for in-house instruction for your team!

SkySpark® Licensing

As an OEM of SkySpark®, we provide SkySpark® licensing for your local implementations or we can host your project in our cloud.

We are a SkyFoundry endorsed SkySpark Essentials provider.