BuildingFit Featured in CABA Journal. Finding Our Way: Take the Established Success Path for Implementing Building Analytics

By Rob Glance, BuildingFit

While most industries have adopted and are aligned with industry standards relating to IP networking and enterprise data management, building automation is stuck in catch-up mode. Owners understandably want to manage their sites with the latest technologies and information management systems. While many building automation systems (BAS) products are becoming IP-compliant, many existing buildings have older legacy and proprietary BAS systems. This creates big problems for those charged with managing buildings.

The result of this is that applying analytics on building performance, building owners are locked into a cycle of needing to upgrade outdated BAS while knowing that outright replacement and attaining the capital needed to justify ROI are often insurmountable. Many of these BAS are incapable of offering much more than simple trend data and weren’t designed to provide any real operational diagnostics beyond basic alarms.

Read the full article in CABA Journal here.



Implementing Data Analytics Into Building Automation Systems

I can’t help feeling that it’s 1999 all over again. As a software development professional with experience across multiple industries, I hear a consistent lament from building owners who share the same set of problems. While most industries have already adopted and are aligned with industry standards relating to IP networking and enterprise data management, building automation has yet to catch up. Owners want to manage their sites with the latest technologies and information management systems. While many building automation systems (BAS) products are becoming IP-compliant, many existing buildings have older legacy and proprietary BAS systems, creating big problems for building managers.

To apply analytics on building performance, building owners are locked into a cycle of needing to upgrade outdated BAS. But outright replacement and the means to justify ROI are difficult challenges to overcome. Many of these BAS don’t have the ability to offer much more than simple trending, and weren’t designed to provide any real operational diagnostics beyond basic alarms. What more: getting any kind of meaningful information out of a BAS can be complicated and usually has limitations on the data’s availability.


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Integrating data analytics into building automation systems has been difficult, but it’s getting easier.
By Rob Glance

2020 SkySpark Online Essentials Training

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Join us as we host the first Online SkySpark Essentials Training of 2020. This program provides students with the information to start to use and implement SkySpark. Sign up today!


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A Message from Our CEO

Having taken on the role as the new president of BuildingFit™ this past year, I wanted to take this opportunity to connect with you, our customers, partners, and vendors, to highlight some of our successes during 2018 and to look forward to a very promising 2019. None of this is possible without you, so let’s celebrate together! 

During 2018, we have very much proven our benefit within the healthcare industry. For one large customer, we jumped into deeper-dive retro-commissioning and monitoring-based commissioning projects utilizing our BuildingFit platform within 18 of their healthcare campuses in the Mountain West region. We have documented energy and cost-savings on a massive scale.  In 2018 alone, we delivered 26,150,415 kWh and 172,026 Dth of energy savings, which will save our client nearly $4.5 million per year!

We also hit a milestone this year, managing over 500,000 SkySpark® points. We continue to grow our reach so please do stay tuned in 2019 as we roll out many exciting new developments to our offering. 

This is an amazing time to be joining this industry and I am grateful to all of our customers, past, current and future, to be on the forefront of IoT within facilities management with us.  What I am continually awed by is the depth of experience and the technical knowledge that this company and its employees possess. If you’ve already had the opportunity to work with us, I hope that our platform has awed you. If we are embarking on a project, know that this is our aim. Not to awe you for our sake, but to give you the tools to make your jobs easier to further your missions of increased efficiency and increased cost savings for the long-term vitality of your overall objectives.   

Here’s to you and us, the collective, in 2019 and beyond!

Spencer Shaffer

 BuildingFit President, Spencer Shaffer

BuildingFit President, Spencer Shaffer

Want to know more?

Contact Spencer at sshaffer@buildingfit.com or check out his LinkedIn page here!

BuildingFit featured in this issue of Connections Magazine

We are excited to share this issue of Connections Magazine,

the publication produced by Project Haystack. Project Haystack is an open source initiative to streamline working with data from the Internet of Things. The initiative standardizes semantic data models and web services with the goal of making it easier to unlock value from the vast quantity of data being generated by the smart devices that permeate homes, buildings, factories, and cities. BuildingFit has been an active member of the Project Haystack community since its inception!

Jay Herron was a contributor to the publication with the

article, “OpenStreetMap: A Tagging Comparison With Haystack” on page 18. Herron discusses ideas to consider in usage patterns and directing future growth of the tagging standard. Herron’s article also includes the Statue of Liberty as an OpenStreetMap tagging example. Definitely worth a read!

Jay Herron is a Software Engineer and a SkySpark Essentials Certified Instructor for BuildingFit. He is an active contributor to Project Haystack and leads the AHU Working Group.

In addition, as a new Project Haystack associate member,

the Connections Magazine also includes a BuildingFit profile piece on page 36! A big thanks to Jake MacArthur for his contribution!

Here’s a sneak peak of the profile:

“The newest member of Project Haystack has been deploying analytics and advance energy management strategies across millions of square feet of facilities for decades. They are using Haystack semantic tagging and the REST API on a daily basis.”

Download your copy of the Connections Magazine here!

For the Press Release announcing the release of this publication, click here.

  Project Haystack’s     Connections Magazine     Winter 2019, Issue 05

Project Haystack’s Connections Magazine Winter 2019, Issue 05

We are attending SkyPosium 2018! Are you?

BuildingFit is very excited to be attending the 2nd annual SkyPosium, a SkyFoundry community event designed for SkySpark reseller partners, SkySpark end users, engineering consultants, and SaaS providers! Two of our own powerhouse programmers, Jay Herron and Sean Stackhouse, will be speaking at the conference. Don’t miss Sean’s discussion of One Class SVM in Anomaly Detection or Jay’s presentation on the Utility Benchmark App!

SkyPosium 2018 will be held in Denver, Colorado on November 13-14.

For more information about the conference from SkyFoundry, click this link.

BCxA 2018 is next week! Come see us at Booth #2!

BuildingFit will be attending the Building Commissioning Associations’ annual BCxA conference on October 15-17th in Nashville, Tennessee! Come by Booth #2 and chat with us about your building’s needs!

We are now an Associate Member of Project Haystack!

We are happy to announce that we are now an Associate Member of the Project Haystack Organization!

You’ve always been able to find our apps at StackHub and we are now Associate Members of Project Haystack! We are proud to support this open source initiative to streamline working with data from the Internet of Things. You can follow us there or we’ll always post our new product releases here!

The Desigo Connector is now available on StackHub!

BuildingFit™ is excited to officially release our native SkySpark® connector to Siemens Desigo. Coded in Fantom, the Desigo Connector provides all of the capabilities that you have come to expect with a SkySpark Connector, including:

  • Custom tuning
  • Learn functions
  • Graphical interface within the Connectors and Builder applications

In addition, we have included bulk point export functionality.

The Desigo connector is offered for sale through StackHub in different point licensing quantities. Please contact skyspark@buildingfit.com if you have any questions.


Details for the July 2018 release of BuildingFit’s SkySpark pods!

Standard Programming v2.10.0

  • Chiller Views: See these in the new Builder app.

  • These now pull up the chilled water plant/chillers directly, instead of allowing users to select AHUs, TUs, etc.
  • Design Info View: See this in the new Builder app.

  • Double-click on a row now opens the edit dialog.
  • Spinning wheel is shown when loading on slow connections.
  • Preserves table scrolling after a row is edited.
  • Category selector names have been made more readable.
  • In edit view, designSource tag is shown first and is no longer optional.
  • Email Subscriptions: See these in your email inbox.

  • Weekly note subscriptions have been fixed so they send out correctly.
  • KPIs: See these in the KPI app or the Bfit KPI views.

  • Names in the BuildingFit KPI Table app were adjusted so alphabetical sorting groups intuitively.
  • CP – Plant Power: Fixed to calculate correctly.
  • Documentation: See this in the Doc app.

  • Rules now specify the design information tags that may affect them.
  • Preferencing Algorithms: These are used internally in KPIs, rules, and calculated points.

  • Adjustments to ensure powers calculated from design motor power come through as kW, not hp.
  • BuildingFit Standard Tagging: See this in the Builder app.

  • Enhanced utility bill and metering support by doing the following:
    • New equip tagging definitions:
      • Chilled water utility bill
      • Domestic water utility bill
      • Hot water utility bill
    • New point tagging definitions:
      • Steam power
      • Hot water power
      • Chilled water power
      • CO2 mass
    • Nomenclature change from load to water power to align with Project Haystack.
    • pointUtilityBill and historyUtilityBill now route through standard meter funcs for better maintainability and consistency.
  • Under the Hood: Technical improvements that most users won’t deal with.

  • Point and History funcs will automatically xQuery if an equipment from a different project is input.
  • Standard Prog plugins (like LVS Macau) now are logged and echoed when loaded.
  • Corrupted data removal functions have been revamped.
  • BfitPoints are now deterministic on the cmd/sensor/sp tags. Valves, dampers, speeds, and statuses now have separate bfitPoints for command vs feedback.
    • Existing points will have their bfitPointRefs adjusted automatically.
  • Migration system has been formalized. This records the version of bfitStandardProgLibraryExt and updates tagging standards as new versions are deployed without continually having to run migration algorithms.
  • New Functions:
    • genFormatTuSchedule: Formats extracted TU schedules into nice format that can be passed to a BAS programmer.
    • historyProfile: Takes a history and graphs it iteratively across the time interval provided, creating a yearly, monthly, weekly, or daily profile.
    • maintProjReplaceId: Looks through all reports, notes, and functions for an old point id and replaces it with a new point id.
    • maintUserNoteTopics: Creates or updates note topics for the input users and subscribes them to the topic.

Utility Benchmark v3.0.0

  • Views: See these in the Utility Benchmark app.

  • Yearly Usage: New View! Totalizes the usage of a specific site over each year in the date-range, displaying each year as a bar in a bar chart.
  • Composition: New View! Shows the usage composition by utility type for two different time periods as individual pie charts.
  • Yearly Profile: New name for the old “Year-Over-Year” view.
  • Other Interface Adjustments:
    • Site input is preserved across views.
    • Utility Type and Measurement (cost, energy, or volume) have been split into separate selectors to support more combinations.
  • Added support for chilled and hot water utility bills.

  • Documentation overhaul.

Report v1.10.0

  • Site selection is now shared across views.

Dashboard v1.5.0

  • Removed “KPI History” view.

Desigo Connector v1.3.0

  • Polling interval is now adjustable.

  • Request batching was implemented and dramatically reduces traffic on large sites.

  • Documentation improvements.

AutoTagger v1.7.0

  • Pointly: See this in the Builder app.

  • New site selector.
  • Added support to cache equipment groupings.
  • inScope has changed from a Str to a Marker tag. Button to apply inScope to every point has been removed.
  • Adjusted autotagging to make use of new cmd/sensor bfitPoints.

  • Bug fixes.

Trendly v2.12.0

  • Haystack export bug fixes.

  • BACnet import adjustments to avoid setting cmd, sensor, or sp on virtual points.


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