BuildingFit Case Study: Utah Olympic Park Slide Track Optimization

Case Study—Utah Olympic Park Slide Track Optimization

Client: Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation

Provider Group: ETC Group | BuildingFit | SkySpark


ETC Group presents the insights gathered from using BuildingFit and SkySpark analytics to analyze the data from the 2020–2021 winter Slide Track season. These insights make us confident that upgrading the rest of the valves, and using guidance available from the analytics, the UOP team will have the equipment and information they need to have fewer emergencies, a faster track, and improved energy efficiency.

The Problem
Currently, most of the track is overcooled. But if track temperatures could be more tightly grouped, and the volatility caused by setpoint changes can be reduced, we could eliminate much of today’s overcooling, which would result in a faster track, and lower utility bills.

The Solution
Data indicates that the track team has successfully executed a “set it and forget it” approach to mid-zone valve positions. After the upper and lower zone valves have been upgraded, very few valve adjustments were needed. Utilizing BuildingFit and SkySpark analytics each zone is monitored constantly which allows visibility into valve regulation and variations in temperature. 


  • Evaporator Valve Work 
  • Valve Station Replacements 
  • Protective Coverings 
  • As-Built Documentation 
  • Automation Oil Drain Valves 
  • Pump Minimum Flow 
  • Pump Replacement 
  • Track Control System
  • Analytics based Monitoring 


Service: Turnkey, Renovation 

Duration: March 2020 – October 2020 

Construction Budget: 2 million ~ 

Track Length: 1335 Meters  

Originally designed as Official U.S. Olympic Training Sites, the track today serves as a training center for Olympic & Paralympic National Team members and development athletes, hosts numerous local and international competitions, and in addition, offers exhilarating bobsled rides to the general public. 



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