Smart Building Analytics to Maximize Building Performance


How BuildingFit Works

BuildingFit™ is a Fault Detection & Diagnostics (FDD), analytics and visualization platform that identifies opportunities, to make buildings more energy efficient, reliable, comfortable, and safe. Engineered for large quantities of data from disparate sources such as building automation systems (BAS) and smart IoT devices, BuildingFit™ insights are delivered through analytics, Key Performance Indicators (KPI), automated reports, and interactive dashboards that help users prioritize daily operations, minimize energy waste and reduce costs.

Our deep energy engineering knowledge combined with the industry’s most advanced smart data analytics software can help improve energy efficiency and building performance worldwide

BuildingFit grew out of ETC Group, an energy engineering firm with 30 years of experience. After supporting ETC Group’s retrocommissioning, commissioning and monitoring-based commissioning projects, BuildingFit now offers its services to other engineering firms, controls contractors, service providers, and directly to clients.

We are engineers, programmers, mathematicians and data scientists. We are passionate about reducing energy use through the creative application of modern data analysis.

SkySpark Experts

  • We are an OEM of one of the greatest tools on earth to collect data for analytics
  • We are engineers with extreme programming skills
  • We have some of the few industry certified trainers on our team
  • Accepted World Wide
  • “SkyFoundry’s software solutions are designed to help clients derive value from their investments in smart systems. Our SkySpark informatics platform provides the services and features to collect, store, analyze and present data from automation systems, metering systems and other smart devices to identify issues, patterns, deviations, faults and opportunities for operational improvements and cost reduction. SkySpark helps owners and operators “find what matters” in the vast amount of data produced by today’s smart systems.”

Smart Building Analytics to Maximize Building Performance

BuildingFit provides actionable smart building data analytics software and technology services to help make buildings more energy efficient, reduce energy costs, while improving occupant comfort and health.

Building owners and facility managers use BuildingFit to:

  • Monitor building performance data (or multiple buildings) in one, unified software dashboard;
  • Pre-empt possible building system errors or anomalies with fault detection alerts, enabling corrective actions to building systems before a failure occurs;
  • Maintain building performance goals of energy efficiency, comfort and compliance by enabling monitoring-based commissioning; and
  • Track and report on KPIs (key performance indicators) using insightful reports and leveraging historical building performance data.


Buildings automation systems are complex. It’s common for buildings to waste tens of thousands – to hundreds of thousands of dollars annually due to energy waste, when building systems like HVAC don’t operate as intended. A variety of services can help combat energy waste, such as building commissioning (Cx), retro-commissioning (RCx), and even energy audits. Performance drift occurs when the building performance improvements made during the Cx process, erode over time.

Achieving and maintaining high performance energy efficiency is difficult. BuildingFit’s
energy analytics software helps solve some of these common industry problems.
BuildingFit accurately collects building data from building automation systems and IoT
devices into one, unified platform, applies building data analytics and KPIs, delivering
actionable insight for improved building performance, facility management and energy
BuildingFit's powerful software solutions place the power of analytics and in the hands
of executives, building and facility management.


BuildingFit Customer Snapshot: Enterprise Healthcare System

$7M in annual savings

13M ft2 (over 25 healthcare facilities)

22M KWH annual savings

139 DTH annual savings

Enterprise, facility and equipment specific analytics

Analytics Software

BuildingFit’s building analytic software leverages SkySpark powerful database to collect real-time building data from various sources (building automation system (BAS), IoT devices, building controls system, etc.).  BuildingFit then analyzed all the date against is hundreds of work rules, applies fault-detection alerts and delivers actionable insights, easy-to-use dashboards, and automated reports, to meet the demands of sophisticated building owners. Some of the most impactful features and benefits include:

  • Fault-detection alerts that reduce the risk of equipment anomalies or failures that lead to energy waste and poor tenant comfort
  • Advanced analytics provide actionable insights and custom KPIs using real time building data
  • Custom and pre-packaged KPIs
  • Actionable insights and building data analysis delivered in automated reports and interactive dashboards
  • Engineering algorithms applied to building performance data, to produce energy cost calculations
  • An Auto-Tagger™ tool that uses machine learning to accurately assist with building project sites and equipment tagging, accelerating the process from days to hours
  • Our Trendly feature for advanced file import that collects difficult to capture building system performance data 

BuildingFit’s analytics solution can be installed onsite or in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model ensures ongoing software maintenance, monthly patches, new KPIs and rules as developed efficiently. Security is a top priority and will ensured in either a cloud-hosted service, or on-site server deployment.

BuildingFit Services

  • Rapid Customer Onboarding
    • SkySpark® and BuildingFit Deployment
    • Accurate site-tagging with Auto-Tagger
  • Customized Dashboards, Reports, and KPIs

BuildingFit runs on SkySpark, the most widely used software platform for complex Building Automation System (BAS) data collection and aggregation. By either retrofitting an existing SkySpark implementation or for new SkySpark deployments, the BuildingFit services apply. Customers can either use their own SkySpark licenses or purchase these from BuildingFit.

After successfully deploying our building data analytics on more than 50 million FT2 of building space, BuildingFit has developed a comprehensive library of over 200 data analytics and KPI’s. This building data is visualized in a variety of dashboards and reports that make the information easy to consume, drive energy efficiency and maximize building performance.


Increasing Building Performance, Energy & Cost Savings

Predictive | Real-Time | Robust

Facility management rely on BuildingFit to collect and present building performance data, analytics and KPIs to aid them as they measure and monitor equipment data. BuildingFit also delivers predictive building analytics, so facility managers can identify and fix problems before they happen extending the life of system equipment.  

BuildingFit™ provides actionable data analytics to help identify opportunities to improve energy efficiency. By comparing equipment analytics against energy consumption, facility managers can identify opportunities to maximize building performance. Building management system dashboards and reports deliver predictive and real-time building performance information, in an easy to consume format for all users.


Tenant Comfort and Compliance


BuildingFit alerts management of issues at the system level before the environment is impacted. In many healthcare, higher education, and government facilities, regulations and compliance can be demanding. Building data analytics help users manage environments for some of the most fragile tenants, including operating rooms, labs, and bone marrow transplant rooms. 

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