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BuildingFit grew out of ETC Group,

an energy engineering firm with 30 years of experience. After supporting ETC Group’s retrocommissioning, commissioning and monitoring-based commissioning projects, BuildingFit now offers its services to other engineering firms, controls contractors, service providers, and directly to clients.

We are engineers, programmers, mathematicians and data scientists. We are passionate about reducing energy use through the creative application of modern data analysis.



Who is BuildingFit?

We’re data scientists with deep roots in energy engineering (30+ years). We’re on a mission to make buildings more efficient. More profitable. And more comfortable. We’ve perfected the art of translating raw building into clear insights to empower our users make their facilities perform at the highest levels.

What we do

BuildingFit is analytics software that puts you firmly in the driver’s seat to proactively manage facility operations. Our dashboards deliver summary facility reporting with drill-down capabilities with extreme granular data. We save money and make tenants happy. We deliver insights that lead to high performance buildings. 

Who uses BuildingFit?

Anyone seeking to leverage data analytics to improve the performance of large facilities benefit from BuildingFit. We work with firms providing energy consulting and management services to building owners. We also work with building owners seeking analytics to help them manage multiple buildings.
  • SKySpark Experts
  • We are an OEM of one of the greatest tools on earth to collect data for analytics
  • We are engineers with extreme programming skills
  • We have some of the few industry certified trainers on our team
  • Accepted World Wide
  • SkyFoundry’s software solutions are designed to help clients derive value from their investments in smart systems. Our SkySpark informatics platform provides the services and features to collect, store, analyze and present data from automation systems, metering systems and other smart devices to identify issues, patterns, deviations, faults and opportunities for operational improvements and cost reduction. SkySpark helps owners and operators “find what matters” in the vast amount of data produced by today’s smart systems.”

Advocates for Project Haystack

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  • Accepted World Wide
  • "Goal of making it easier to unlock value from the vast quantity of data being generated by the smart devices that permeate our homes, buildings, factories, and cities. Applications include automation, control, energy, HVAC, lighting, and other environmental systems." 


BuildingFit collects diverse data, then applies fault detection and advanced analytics, in order to deliver cear and actionable insights. We transform complex building data and make it available in one software interface. Users can access a variety of enterprise dashboards that provide deep drill-down capabilities for trouble-shooting and root-cause analysis.


University of Utah Chemistry Building

  • $386,000 Annual Energy Savings
  • 266,831 square feet
  • 125 laboratory systems
  • 30 fume hoods
  • Chilled water plant
  • Dual duct air handling units
  • Meters

Banner Health Remote Operation Center

  • 6.5 million square feet
  • 12 healthcare facilities
  • Enterprise-wide analytics deployment
  • Chilled water plants
  • Terminal units
  • Hot water plants

Macau Casinos

  • 30 million square feet
  • 3 buildings
  • Deployed large-scale custom analytics 
  • Custom reports direct O&M to prioritized issues
  • Continuously improved analytics verified