Learn how organizations convert analytics to energy savings! Perhaps the most valuable session, hear from six community facility managers as they share their experiences in achieving savings from monitoring and analytics. They will share what worked, what didn’t, and what the future looks like!

Featured speakers:

Darin Pilgeram, Utah National Guard: Successfully tied SkySpark to the Work Order Management System.

Christopher Benson, University of Utah: Used monitoring and analytics to commission multiple energy intensive facilities as part of the BBC project.

Chris Workman, Intermountain Healthcare: In the formative stages of analytics platform for the largest healthcare provider in the state.

Mike Peterson, SLCC: Intensive in-house engagement to deploy SkySpark, and multiple recommissioning projects.

Sarah Boll, State of Utah: Broad perspective of analytics for all state buildings.

Jay Herron, ETC Group, energy management consultant for an Arizona healthcare network.


The final seminar will take place at the Primary Children’s Eccles Outpatient Services building in Salt Lake City, Utah.


It’s a forum – open discussion is encouraged! To register, click here.