Details for most recent release of BuildingFit’s SkySpark pods!

BuildingFit Standard Prog Library v2.5.0

Views: See these in the BuildingFit app.

  • AHU Diagnostics: NEW! Similar to the TU Diagnostic view, but it shows info about AHUs.
  • TU Diagnostics: Adjusted so that when no equip is chosen, all TUs on the entire project are shown.

Reports: See these in the bfitReport folder of the Report app.

  • The following were removed in favor of new TU Diagnostics view.
    • Engineer TU Report
    • Operator TU Report
    • Manager TU Report

Sparks: See these in the SiteSpark app.

  • NEW!
    • CHLR – Out of Range Compressor Efficiency
    • CHLR – Out of Range Condenser Approach
    • CHLR – Out of Range Condenser Efficiency
    • CHLR – Out of Range Evaporator Approach
    • CHLR – Out of Range Evaporator Efficiency
    • CHLR – Out of Range Refrigerator Efficiency
    • CHLR – Out of Range SEI
    • CHLR – Out of Range Subcool
    • CHLR – Out of Range Suction Superheat
    • CT – Cooling Tower Defrost Cycle
  • Adjusted
    • AHU – Economizer Issue At Low OAT: Moved supply flow dependency to within the cost calc. Spark will return with no cost if supply flow is not available.
    • TU – Air Flow Setpoint Not Met: Fixed cost bug that would return infinite cost if AHU supply flow was 0 and TU was reading flow.
    • TU – Perimeter Heat At High OAT: Renamed from “TU – Perimeter Reheat Active At High OAT” and adjusted to use valvePosOpen constant on the perimeter heat position.
  • Calculated Points: See these in the History app. They will be created automatically on appropriate equips.
    • CHLR – Chilled Water dT: Now forced to 0 when the chiller is detected as off.
  • Standard Calculations: These will happen in the background of many rules and KPIs.
    • Site Area Normalization: Now supports site areas that change over time, like when a new wing is constructed.
  • Email Summaries: These will be emailed to you on a periodic basis if you are subscribed.
  • BuildingFit Points: See these in the Builder app.
    • CHLR – system efficiency index: NEW!
  • New Constants: See these in the Bfit Constants view in the Settings app.
    • chillerCompEffHiLimit: 70%
    • chillerCompEffLoLimit: 60%
    • chillerCondApprHiLimit: 4fahrenheit_degrees
    • chillerCondEffHiLimit: 95%
    • chillerCondEffLoLimit: 80%
    • chillerEvapApprHiLimit: 3fahrenheit_degrees
    • chillerEvapEffHiLimit: 95%
    • chillerEvapEffLoLimit: 85%
    • chillerRefrigEffHiLimit: 105%
    • chillerRefrigEffLoLimit: 80%
    • chillerSeiEffHiLimit: 55%
    • chillerSeiEffLoLimit: 40%
    • chillerSuctionSuperheatHiLimit: 2fahrenheit_degrees
    • chillerSuctionSuperheatLoLimit: 0fahrenheit_degrees
  • Under the Hood: Technical improvements that most users won’t deal with.
    • Axonator: Our axon code will now be obfuscated prior to deployment to better protect it from theft.
    • User Subscription Report: exportUserSubscriptionReport will output a cluster-wide summary of users and their email subscriptions.
    • Future Prediction: historyMonthlyPredict will use monthly historical data and R to predict future values of any given history.
    • ClimaCheck Import Functions: Removed in favor of new ClimaCheck Trendly point definition processor.
      • importClimaCheckCsv
        • importClimaCheckPoints
    • Equip Auto-tagging: Fixed bug that prevented AHUs from being auto-tagged correctly.
    • OnStart Auto-Deleted records: Added these tags that indicate old, deprecated records.
      • kpiDb
        • notePath
        • etcStanardPointPath

BuildingFit Report v1.5.0

  • Stoplight EUI Graph: See this in the BuildingFit Report app.
    • User can now select whether to use interval meter data or monthly utility bills.
    • Fixed small readings in the most recent month caused by small meters reading more recently than large.
  • Energy Use Breakdown: See this in the BuildingFit Report app.
    • User can now select whether to use interval meter data or monthly utility bills.
    • KPI power readings can be overlaid to break total use into different HVAC sections.

BuildingFit Dashboard v1.3.0

  • Monthly Report View: See this in the Manager Dashboard app.
    • PDFs now sort by display so most recent ones come first.

Banner Executive v1.3.0

  • Demand-rachet email improvements.
  • Added historized site area support.

Utility Benchmark v2.4.0

  • Timeline View: See this in the Utility Benchmark app.
    • Aligns displayed data to each month, taking portions of separate readings if necessary.
    • Added historized site area support.
    • Supports cross-cluster energy queries, allowing it to be viewed on any clustered project.
    • Uses SkyFoundry’s ml extension to create regressions rather than R.

Trendly v2.7.0

  • ClimaCheck Support: To simplify integration with ClimaCheck Online.
    • Added ClimaCheck connector point export.
    • Added ClimaCheck point definition processor.
  • No longer creates a processor record on the SkySpark site. Instead, the pod itself is queried to know which processors are available.
    • This simplifies the code and improves the processor display names in the app.
  • Minor bug fixes to the following processors:
    • Siemens Email

ClimaCheck Connector v2.2.0

  • Added support for trending in metric units.
  • Added 1 second buffer between transmissions when pushing data up to ClimaCheck Online.
  • Extensive documentation updates.
  • Name adjustments to ensure correct ClimaCheck capitalization.
  • General coding style/clarity improvements. Connector v1.3.0

  • Increased number of files returned by and gets only newest files.
  • Reduced number of requests that must be made to API.

AutoTagger v1.5.0

  • Extensive cleaning of databases, removing bad/unclear data.

R v1.6.0

  • Added rq functionality to support more generic R scripting.
  • Added lots of great new examples and support documentation.

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