Details for the July 2018 release of BuildingFit’s SkySpark pods!

Standard Programming v2.10.0

  • Chiller Views: See these in the new Builder app.

  • These now pull up the chilled water plant/chillers directly, instead of allowing users to select AHUs, TUs, etc.
  • Design Info View: See this in the new Builder app.

  • Double-click on a row now opens the edit dialog.
  • Spinning wheel is shown when loading on slow connections.
  • Preserves table scrolling after a row is edited.
  • Category selector names have been made more readable.
  • In edit view, designSource tag is shown first and is no longer optional.
  • Email Subscriptions: See these in your email inbox.

  • Weekly note subscriptions have been fixed so they send out correctly.
  • KPIs: See these in the KPI app or the Bfit KPI views.

  • Names in the BuildingFit KPI Table app were adjusted so alphabetical sorting groups intuitively.
  • CP – Plant Power: Fixed to calculate correctly.
  • Documentation: See this in the Doc app.

  • Rules now specify the design information tags that may affect them.
  • Preferencing Algorithms: These are used internally in KPIs, rules, and calculated points.

  • Adjustments to ensure powers calculated from design motor power come through as kW, not hp.
  • BuildingFit Standard Tagging: See this in the Builder app.

  • Enhanced utility bill and metering support by doing the following:
    • New equip tagging definitions:
      • Chilled water utility bill
      • Domestic water utility bill
      • Hot water utility bill
    • New point tagging definitions:
      • Steam power
      • Hot water power
      • Chilled water power
      • CO2 mass
    • Nomenclature change from load to water power to align with Project Haystack.
    • pointUtilityBill and historyUtilityBill now route through standard meter funcs for better maintainability and consistency.
  • Under the Hood: Technical improvements that most users won’t deal with.

  • Point and History funcs will automatically xQuery if an equipment from a different project is input.
  • Standard Prog plugins (like LVS Macau) now are logged and echoed when loaded.
  • Corrupted data removal functions have been revamped.
  • BfitPoints are now deterministic on the cmd/sensor/sp tags. Valves, dampers, speeds, and statuses now have separate bfitPoints for command vs feedback.
    • Existing points will have their bfitPointRefs adjusted automatically.
  • Migration system has been formalized. This records the version of bfitStandardProgLibraryExt and updates tagging standards as new versions are deployed without continually having to run migration algorithms.
  • New Functions:
    • genFormatTuSchedule: Formats extracted TU schedules into nice format that can be passed to a BAS programmer.
    • historyProfile: Takes a history and graphs it iteratively across the time interval provided, creating a yearly, monthly, weekly, or daily profile.
    • maintProjReplaceId: Looks through all reports, notes, and functions for an old point id and replaces it with a new point id.
    • maintUserNoteTopics: Creates or updates note topics for the input users and subscribes them to the topic.

Utility Benchmark v3.0.0

  • Views: See these in the Utility Benchmark app.

  • Yearly Usage: New View! Totalizes the usage of a specific site over each year in the date-range, displaying each year as a bar in a bar chart.
  • Composition: New View! Shows the usage composition by utility type for two different time periods as individual pie charts.
  • Yearly Profile: New name for the old “Year-Over-Year” view.
  • Other Interface Adjustments:
    • Site input is preserved across views.
    • Utility Type and Measurement (cost, energy, or volume) have been split into separate selectors to support more combinations.
  • Added support for chilled and hot water utility bills.

  • Documentation overhaul.

Report v1.10.0

  • Site selection is now shared across views.

Dashboard v1.5.0

  • Removed “KPI History” view.

Desigo Connector v1.3.0

  • Polling interval is now adjustable.

  • Request batching was implemented and dramatically reduces traffic on large sites.

  • Documentation improvements.

AutoTagger v1.7.0

  • Pointly: See this in the Builder app.

  • New site selector.
  • Added support to cache equipment groupings.
  • inScope has changed from a Str to a Marker tag. Button to apply inScope to every point has been removed.
  • Adjusted autotagging to make use of new cmd/sensor bfitPoints.

  • Bug fixes.

Trendly v2.12.0

  • Haystack export bug fixes.

  • BACnet import adjustments to avoid setting cmd, sensor, or sp on virtual points.


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