Actionable Building Analytics From Your BAS and Smart IoT Devices

  • Maximize equipment efficiency through Fault Detection & Diagnostics (FDD)
  • Reduce energy waste and lower operating costs
  • Manage tenant comfort, reliability and safety


BuildingFit consists of data scientists, engineers, and building enthusiasts with deep roots in energy engineering (30+ years).  Our mission is to conserve energy, while making buildings safer, more profitable, and comfortable.


BuildingFit is a software platform that captures, analyzes, and visualizes data from equipment and smart devices then translates it into actionable insights that empower users driving energy efficiency.  Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and analytics identify, quantify and prioritize what leads to high performance buildings.


BuildingFit customizes visualizations in the form of dashboards and reports, analytics and KPI’s that address the specific needs of our clients in areas of safety and compliance, comfort and energy savings.  Our engineering experience, energy expertise, and data acumen will ensure we can create the right solution for you.
Who Uses BuildingFit?
Our business model is designed to enable partners to quickly deliver greater value to their customers with powerful building analytics. We also work with building owners, upon request. Read more below: 
Partners & Resellers
Provide powerful data analytics to your customers now

– Deliver more customer value now

– Be more efficient, more profitable

– Low risk to offer data analytics

– Your customers, your branding

Building Owners
Ensure your facilities are performing at the highest levels

– Save money by lowering operating costs

– Create comfortable & safe environments for your occupants

– Protect your facility & equipment investment

Facility Management
The tools & information to help you make smarter decisions

– Proactively manage building performance

– Maximize savings opportunities with prioritized issue reports

– No surprises using fault prevention tools

– Extend reliability & life of equipment by enabling proactive maintenance

BuildingFit helps our team identify equipment issues and implement corrective action 2-3 times faster — and also helps our engineers manage up to 10 times more HVAC equipment systems than was possible previously.
April Guymon, PE, ETC Group

Built by SkySpark Experts

University of Utah Chemistry Building

University of Utah Chemistry Building

  • $386,000 Annual Energy Savings
  • 266,831 square feet
  • 125 laboratory systems
  • 30 fume hoods
  • Chilled water plant
  • Dual duct air handling units
  • Meters

Banner Health Remote Operation Center

  • $7 million in Savings
  • 13 million square feet
  • 25 healthcare facilities
  • Enterprise-wide analytics deployment
  • Chilled water plants
  • Terminal units

Macau Casinos

  • 30 million square feet
  • 3 buildings
  • Deployed large-scale custom analytics
  • Custom reports direct O&M to prioritized issues
  • Continuously improved analytics verified